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Balance your life

OM Heart Meditation

Usually in our life our emotions and mind are not in balance. We are tired and sick from time to time - our life is not in balance. Your energy center system gives you health and creative energy to your life. During this course you learn to open and balance your HEART CENTER - chakra. You learn to live and enjoy your life fully. I have over 25 years experience from different meditation techniques and energy healing. Using mantras and meditation to create MY OWN LIFE is my daily practice. I teach practical solutions not theory!!!

Content of the Course

  • 01

    Welcome Message

  • 02


    • Who is Ganesha

    • GUM mantra x27

  • 03

    OM Mantra chanting

  • 04


    • OM Heart Meditation

  • 05

    Extra material

    • Bonus: Shreem Brzee mantra x108

    • Bonus: Kshraum mantra x108

  • 06

    Thank You

    • Thank You message

Meditation and Spiritual Gowth Coach

Energy Healer

Meditation and Spiritual Growth Coach, Energy Healer and Pillai Center Facilitator with over 25 years experience from meditation techniques. I teach what I practice and the tools are practical to everyone’s use.

Juhani Huhtinen