Create Relationships to your Life

Using Kleem mantra you can do it

We all need good relationships and love to our life but sometimes it’s not so easy to find it. You need to begin to create it by making changes inside you and your emotional and thought world. From inner you have created your present life and with Kleem you can change it to better one - your dream life with healthy relationships. I have over 25 years experience from meditation techniques and creating my own life using mantras and their creative sound waves belongs to my daily life. I teach practical solutions not theory!!!

Content of the Course

  • 01

    Welcome to course

  • 02

    Kleem and Relationships

    • Sound waves create your life

    • Kleem chanting practice

  • 03

    Chanting changes the inner

  • 04

    Kleem and the Goddess power

  • 05

    Heart center and emotions

    • Kleem heart meditation

  • 06

    Creating relationships

    • Procedure of goal setting

  • 07

    Thank You with Love

    • Thank You being part of Online Guidance Lovers

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Meditation and Spiritual Growth Coach

Energy Healer

Meditation and Spiritual Growth Coach, Energy Healer and Pillai Center Facilitator with over 25 years experience from meditation techniques. I teach what I practice and the tools are practical to everyone’s use.

Juhani Huhtinen