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Content of the Course

  • 01


  • 02


    • Who is Ganesha

    • GUM mantra x27

  • 03


    • Shreem Brzee mantra x108

    • Brzee Heart Meditation

    • Shreem Brzee Chakra Meditation

    • Shreem Brzee Midbrain Meditation

  • 04

    Bonus mantras

    • Bonus: OM Mantra x 108

    • Bonus: Kshraum mantra x 108

  • 05

    Thank You Message

    • Thank You 🙏

Meditation and Spiritual Growth Coach

Energy Healer

Meditation and Spiritual Growth Coach, Energy Healer and Pillai Center Facilitator with over 25 years experience from meditation techniques. I teach what I practice and the tools are practical to everyone’s use.

Juhani Huhtinen